Jessica's story begins in the city of Buffalo, New York, which is perched on the edge of Lake Erie and Canada. Here is where she started experimenting with visual communication, drawing on paper, then sidewalks with chalk and progressed to art on clothing, dishes and more.

It wasn't until her final semester of her senior year in high school that she discovered her computer graphic talent. Curious about her new discovery, she decided to pursue Graphic Design at her next lakeside, snow mecca at the State University of New York at Oswego. Flourishing in all directions, Jessica showed her work in various exhibitions, held two design jobs on campus and was featured in the campus newspaper as a student to watch.

With an urge to grow and surround herself with inspiration Jessica relocated to New York City to land a dream job working at a design agency. She started as a production artist and received various promotions working her way quickly to become senior level designer. In 2008, Jessica decided to apply herself towards a Masters at Pratt Institute, which had always been a dream of hers. After graduation with big ambitions, she started Jessica Haas Designs which remains open for business today.

By day Jessica is an enthusiastic Art Director for an advertising agency in Manhattan and continues to freelance in attempt to keep the spice in life and her portfolio alive. She also blogs often to promote her work and archive design inspirations.

Feel free to contact Jessica with any job potentials, freelance opportunities or for advice for anything graphic design.


What makes Jessica unique


Jessica has an identicial twin (scientifically) Amanda (left) whom she designs with often.

Jessica completed a full 26.2 mile/42.2 km marathon for charity in 2007 - hardest life achievement to date.

Jessica took a solo backpacking trip of western Europe for three months in 2010.

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