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The Visionaire blends luxury amenities and life-enhancing green benefits in an architecturally distinguished and sophisticated structure. The building is designed by architects Pelli Clarke Pelli, the first condominium in Manhattan to earn LEED Platinum honors and ranks the greenest NYC condominium on the market. The identity or branch of leaves is inspired by the shape of the building. From an aerial view the building comes to a point mimicking a leaf shape form.
CREDITS: Agency: DBOX, Art Director: Kayako Kobayashi

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brookfield_11 brookfield_22 brookfield_33 brookfield_44 brookfield_75 brookfield_56 brookfield_67


The campaign, Our Place. The Heart Of The New Downtown, celebrates the redesigning of the Brookfield Place NY. Surrounded by World Trade Center construction and suffering devastation of Hurricane Katrina, Brookfield Place is transforming downtown Manhattan as the premier destination for residents and visitors alike. Luxury Shopping, Cultural Arts, Dining, Hudson Eats and Le District, BrookfieldPlace is the height of luxury shopping, dining and cultural arts in downtown Manhattan. The center is uniquely positioned just south of Tribeca along the Hudson River waterfront. 
CREDITS: Agency: AgencySacks, Creative Director: Stephanie Gillstrap and Lynn Kokorsky, Production: Vallyn Murphy


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Gramercy Park Hotel eBlast1 Wusthof Static Ads2 Wusthof Takeover3 Wusthof Flash Banner Design4 Hudson Eats Wine Series Event eBlast5 Hudson Eats Invitation6 Hudson Eats Flash Banner Ad Design7 Rosewood New Years eBlast8 Taj Hotels Ads9 Taj Hotels Flash Banner Design10


Carrying a campaign to all platforms is a must in today's advertising. Spanning media from web advertising, emails and social web. Please click to view a few animated versions, this will open in a new window.
CREDITS: Agency: AgencySacks, Creative Directors: Lynn Kokorsky and Stephanie Gillstrap



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FF_bottles1 FF_wrap2 FF_flavors3 Freemans4 FF_store5


Not all fitness drinks are the same. Freeman Formula's Life Style Complete Meals are all natural beverages that enrich and fulfill the body with no artificial sweeteners, fillers, or preservatives. When it came to designing the packaging, the look had to be true to the product and highlight its flavor and nutrition. Gorgeous appetite appeal triumphs the bottle to exude its expertly engineered drink formulas. Since the creation of this product was driven by the latest demographic of fitness females, Freeman transformed its existing black, masculine packaging for a lighter, healthier look and specifically portioned it for a woman. Maintaining their brand's modern typefaces that pronounce strength, the script font added femininity. Along with the design overhaul new flavors were introduced such as Orange Creamsicle, Caramel Caffé, Peach Mango and Chocolate. There is no other powdered drink like it; aesthetically designed and exclusively made for the women in the "muscle man" market.  Now carried internationally by GNC.
CREDITS: Designer: Amanda Roberts, Printer: Seaboard Graphics

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rebel_flavors1 rebel_pkg2 rebel_stationary3 rebel_ad14 rebel_ad25

Based on an historical fact, in 1650 -1700 tea parties became quite trendy among women across social classes. Husbands cried family ruin and religious reformers called for tea to be banned. Although tea was never banished, it was for this project. Rebel Tea stems from the blends created by rebellious women in those decades who kept the tea available all these years.

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opp_bag1 opp_insert2 opp_boxad_23 opp_boxad_sp4 opp_newsad_25 opp_nightad_26 opp_nightad_sp7

Grand, modern and immaculately designed by renowned architect Richard Meier. His first residential building located in Brooklyn, New York, glass high-rise overlooks Prospect Park's Grand Army Plaza with views of Manhattan. Meier is well known for using squares, which is the inspiration for the logo, brochure shape and straight shopping bag handles.
CREDITS: Agency: DBOX, Art Director: Kayako Kobayashi

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bavarian_reserves_bar1 bavarian_milk2 bavarian_hazel3 bavarian_dark4

Hundred year old, family-owned chocolate company Bavarian Chocolate Works was seeking a fresh, high-end bar design for a new line of flavored chocolates but keep true to its historical roots. The crest carries the traditional aspect while the script typeface and flavor bands modernize the bar.

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spot_cups1 spot_bag2 spot_poster3

Buffalo, New York based coffee shop wanted to focus on the origin city's attitude with coffee humor and city icons for their expanding cafe chain.

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vegas_ad_c1 vegas_ad_bw2 vegas_bill13 vegas_bill24 vegas_sign5 vegas_sc6 vegas_building7 vegas_stationary8 vegas_invite9


Pacific blue glass with panoramic Strip views soaring the Las Vegas sky. One of the newest high rise condominiums, combines the excitement of a six star resort with luxury living to define a new level of sophistication and amenities.
CREDITS: Agency: DBOX, Art Director: Kayako Kobayashi

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vintage_cans1 vintage_rasp2 vintage_original3 vintage_lime4


Vintage Seltzer wants to overcome the perception that the brand looks "poor or low quality" by redesigning a new identity and packaging design to appear more upscale, while not being perceived as overpriced. Vintage is in the lower end of the price range within an ever competitive flavored water beverage market.

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Premium Outlets1 PO_grid2 PO_web3 PO_celebrateAd4 PO_salead5 PO_vegasbus6 PO_shot_OFD7 PO_shot_shoesjeans8 PO_shot_OFP9 PO_shot_Vigshoes10


Art Direction for photo shoots. Planning imagery scenerios for 18 different sale periods, considering vary weather markets and fashion trends for all seasons. As well as creative artistry for still life vignettes.

CREDITS: Agency: AgencySacks, Creative Director: Stephanie Gillstrap, Photographer: Dean Isidro, Prop Stylist: Shari Anlauf

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logo1 logo_art2 logo_book3 logo_ffw4 logo_gold5 logo_hatch6 logo_hf27 logo_pf8 logo_po_simon9 logo_trot10


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pink_rabbit1 pegs2 instore_miyim3 horton4 greenpointbrands5 instore_license6

Organic plush toy campany releases toy lines under the names of Miyim and My Natural. I was hired to design a new look for Miyim and help push their organic aspect to the marketplace. Since sustainable is very important to Greenpoint Brands, craft paper and soy based inks where used in the printing process. My Natural was also designed in this same way to differentiate themselves to their licensee competitors. Consistent packaging sizes keep printing costs low and minimal design to prevent excess waste.
CREDITS: VP of Design and Development: Petrie Hahn
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