Brach's Identity and Packaging Redesign

Posted on April 27 2012

Last night in my local drug store, I was hanging out in the candy aisle looking for my favorite and very hard to find licorice assortments. To my surprise, I instead discovered Brach's has gotten a redesign! As I looked at Brach's lemon drops and peanut clusters, I could not recollect how I knew this company name. Today I researched it and yes, I know them best for their delicious candy corn and I believe most of you do too. Their new look has a more feminine touch with curves and swirls but that's my style, so I love it! It focuses on their main demographic, which is women who mainly do the shopping in the house hold. Yet, I do wonder if they will lose clientele with such a strong lack of brand recognition or to male shoppers? In the end, I have to applaud them for making such a big change because their image was quite out of date. I believe this was a risk worth taking and I do think this will largely improve sales. Why? White packaging is HOT right now. White gives a sense of health and this new look sort of prevents you from rethinking your sinful candy purchase. To be honest, I almost took those peanut clusters home, too beautiful to leave behind. Yet, peanuts are not licorice. Maybe next time.

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