Brooklyn Net's Logo Revealed

Posted on May 08 2012

Brooklyn Nets Logos After all the controversy over the Brooklyn Nets stadium moving residents out of their homes in Atlantic Yards area, I'm now hearing a low hum from Brooklynites with the reveal of the new Nets logo. Brooklyn Nets T-Shirts "Hello Brooklyn!" Yep, the Net's are saying it. It's taken from “B-Boy Bouillabaisse,” a track from the Beastie Boys’ seminal album Paul’s Boutique [RIP MCA] and also their "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" line. Jay-Z (rapper and a minority Nets owner) is sharing lines too like song title, "Brooklyn's Finest". Awesome! I know this logo has a different feel from the usual multidimensional sport team designs and of the other NBA teams but as a Brooklynite I think I approve. It's very New York. It incorporates the look of the old New York subway signage by the typeface and color palette. I also think it gives the feel of representing our very own Jay-Z's since it's close to his identity's look. Okay, okay, as a graphic designer I know, it's hipster branding but it kinda sucks. Standing alone it looks like the designer got tired, gave up or is stuck in the 1930s. Yet, used in a pattern, on merchandise or on the website with some cool beats in the background - it's not so bad. It's just different, classic and isn't that a good thing? I'm not sure, it seems to me I'm in a toss up. Brooklyn Nets Logo Patterned Brooklyn Nets Environments Brooklyn Net's Store Website [polldaddy poll=6209446]

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