Can You Find Good Beer?

Posted on February 27 2010

[caption id="attachment_124" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Abita Brews"][/caption] Hanging out with some of my favorite people in Park Slope, Brooklyn, I was introduced to the number one place to get the best bottled beers in the BKRoyal Deli, located on 8th Ave and 15th street, seems to have an array of hard to find brews. One beer in particular was happily discovered by a friend of mine who had spent a year down south in Mississippi and fell for the flavors of Abita, a New Orleans brewing company. My taste buds curious for Raspberry Wheat Brew and Pecan Harvest Ale, the designer in me couldn't help but droll over the idea of a redesign. Seen above are a few brews Abita produces and the ones I could find to have the most design consistency. I can only feel that the reason I have never discovered this delicious brew before was because I just never noticed it (even when specifically looking for it today was it hard to find in the cooler). I'm electing this company for my Intradepartment class's next assignment. I am asked to present a company I would like to work on for my half-communications-half-industrial-design class, which I will work on in a three-person group. For next class, each group member will bring their own ideas and as a group, along with Professor Harvey Bernstein, we will choose our group's next official project. I see plenty of potential for a new logo (this one feels outdated), uniformed brew differentiation yet brand consistency, a new six-pack carrier and bottle. I think this design really needs to express its Louisiana flavors as much as it's beer tastes and I believe "tasting a bit of the South" really sets this beer apart. New Orleans ingredients makes this company unique and intriguing, especially to Brooklynites. I believe my group and I can really make these brews get noticed and fly off the shelves of delis across Brooklyn as well as the rest of the United States.

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