Cartography - NYC Heart Map

Posted on February 19 2010

[caption id="attachment_80" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Designed by zeroperzero"]Heart NYC Subway Map[/caption] There is a special place in my heart for NYC. I love the warm color tones of this piece but I have to surprise you -  this is a calendar! I can see it has a nice mix of New York City identities - the iconic MTA map and the timeless Milton Glaser's  I (heart) NYC brand but to combine all these ideas makes me want to buy, buy, buy. I only recently discovered the word "cartography" as it is starting to show up everywhere as a graphic designer's skill set. Cartography for those who do not know is the study and practice of making geographical maps. The words comes from the Greek language, "chartis" meaning map and "graphein" meaning write. I, myself, love to design and  look at maps. I always have a world map somewhere in my home. For those of you who share this passion and the required patience for illustrating a map I cheers to you - and especially you zeroperzero for being so clever. Check out their other designs at

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