Crystal Light liquidifies, joining the liquid drink mix trend

Posted on April 27 2013

Image Image Image Since 1982, Kraft Food's has been producing sugar-free soluble powder under the Crystal Light name but with a new trend of liquid mixers in the last few years it seems they want in on competition. I spotted these new items at Gristedes grocery store this evening on a pretty good sized POP filled with a variety of exciting flavors of Crystal Light's new liquid drink mix. Above is the packaging and I think it's a bit over packaged. The paperboard seems useless and wasteful but maybe because I'm in a New York City grocery where space is limited I was distracted by the cumbersome pieces. Yet, with that said, it may also was why I noticed it in the first place. Since the 2010, logo and packaging redesign to attract female shoppers (with a new logo type typeface and quieting of the packaging with simplicity and whiteness) it seems to me Crystal Light is just a trend follower. Although I think the packaging is pleasant to look at graphically, the architectural structure is very boring and doesn't help stand out from their competitors. I'd like to see Kraft take Crystal Light to the next level. I think there was a great and fun opportunity missed here.

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