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Posted on November 12 2009

Image borrowed from I just went to the most informative free lesson of my life. Twice within the last year I have signed up to attend these free seminars but for whatever reason never went. Getting some place at six o'clock after a busy work day is difficult for a person in my field to do - please, at least start at 6:30 sometimes. The teacher, Dan Rodney, did wait about fifteen minutes or less before starting for any of the late comers which I know I will appreciate in the future. Nonetheless, I glad I finally found time to attend because all I can say is that I should have gone sooner. The seminar was about two hours (two and a half for extra questions which is so respectable) and was jam packed with ways to make money utilizing the web. Essentially the lesson I was attending was called "Easy Ecommerce: PayPal Shopping Carts, Ads & Analytics" hosted by Noble Desktop. They are located on Broadway in Soho, Manhattan, Noble Desktop not only described all topics on their to-do list, they also took time to answer oddball questions as well as the instructor offering random personal insight (while marketing himself in the process). This seems almost pure genius to me. This kid is out to make a buck for himself and in my opinion he deserves it - especially if he is willing to share how. I definitely will be attending their HTML email seminar in January and all who can join should. These lessons are free and it never hurts to be knowledgable in the ways of making money. I feel like I walked away a wiser and more ambitious person thanks to instructor Dan Rodney.

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