Excited About UK Space

Posted on April 02 2010

[caption id="attachment_217" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="British National Space Centre logo redesign"][/caption] In the mist of all the craziness to finish the Spring semester and graduate next month, I finally found some time to do a little catching up on the design world. After graduation I have a trip planned to London, England so I couldn't help stop and read more about this eye-catching logo. Granted, I think the identity needs some more refining, as the arrow is way too... silly, if that's the right word? It's just too obvious, yes, up (points figure) is the way we get to space. I'm sort of anti-arrows. Although I do have to give credit to Folio Creative who designed it and tell them the concept behind it is brilliant and innovative. I think this logo has great appeal and gives much needed excitement and energy back to the space center. I feel like I'm a kid again. To read more about the reasoning for the redesign, some behind the scenes action and some really interesting designer's comments, go here.

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