I'm a graphic designer and open for hire!

Posted on January 20 2011

Hire a FreelancerIt's strange how people now look for companies to complete a service when it use to be that people looked for others to do these tasks. Let's go back to those ways and I promise you will get the best service there is to have! Right now in New York City I am forced to be a freelancer graphic designer. Honestly, I would prefer a permanent position because having a steady paycheck is easier but because of the poor economy no one seems to be hiring full-time designers. For whatever reason, maybe the projects aren't flowing steady and there isn't a budget for a new employee but there is always some work to be done.  Let's all help each other out and lets work together. (And please, not for free, no one should do what they are best at for free - if you're a pizzeria, I'll take pizza as compensation.) I know a ton of great designers who are in the same position as me, seeking work and just trying to put food on the table. We yearn to do good design projects and we want daily assignments, its only human. I am a professional and I am good at what I do. I care for my work and I take care of my client's needs. Trust me there is an art form and a conceptually to what graphic designers do and believe me not everyone can design. Let me create something custom made just for you and/or your company. It doesn't matter the size. Believe that your company is worth a good professional design and I promise you the quality will pay off. I want to get the word out that I am a graphic designer and YES, I am for hire! If you or one of your friends needs a logo, stationary set, wedding invitation, brochure, website, email blast, you name it, I can do it! Please view my design work on my website at and if you like what you see let's talk.

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