Jessica Haas Designs Logo Portfolio

Posted on February 21 2011

I've been starting to think about what happens to the design work that never gets published. All these creative solutions I've thought up in the past that either a client did not like or that the project never was completed and never saw the light of day. Lately, I've been trying to go though my old work and collect some of these works. I figure I could just share them to help display my talents not specified on my website,, as in a design ability category. None of logos shown above have been used so if you are interested in purchasing one for yourself please let me know, they're only $100 including your text change. I am also always up to create a new logo, it's one of my favorite projects so if you are needing one please do not hesitate to ask me for prices. I also offer tons of free design advice from company naming to domain knowledge for getting good Google hits for your site so take me up on that. Everyone needs a graphic designer, so get one and improve your style, your website hits and boast customer purchases and feedback!

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