Louise Fili inspires with Free Gelato

Posted on September 27 2012

After a hard day at work, I am calmed by the true and funny words from Louise Fili, "Designing is about 1% of the job, the rest of the 99% is trying not to fuck it up." She's so right. Those words and all the ones following started to inflate my earlier beaten up heart back into rhythm. My day was just one of the many parts of 99% and Fili speaks so clearly that "this is what designing is". Louise Fili with AIGA Tonight I was honored to be in attendance for Louise Fili's special evening with AIGA/NY celebrating her first monograph, Elegantissima: The Design and Typography of Louise Fili. I have never before seen her talk and I was surprised by her character, beauty and class (it must be the Italian in her). If you don't already know, Fili is best known for her Art Deco, Italian inspired typography and her new book is exactly that, showcasing her passions for food, type and all things Italian. I swear Louise and I could be best friends - okay, not really but I do want to be her. Her past reads like my dream future and we share a great passion for food and its packaging. Although I'll need to work on my typography skills if I ever want to be as talented and respected as she is. "How do I make the word look shorter, put it on a curve", she said sighed talking about her book cover design as if it was no big deal. I think, brilliant, these are the secrets I want to know! Fili's humor filled the evening with stories, concepts and inspirations of her 40 years of work, which all can be found in the book. What I take home tonight: 1. myself with my veins following quickly with the passion for great design. 2. A belly full of delicious gelato because YEAH there was FREE L'Arte del Gelato! (because she designed their logo. I so need to do work for unlimited amounts of desserts!) and 3. Fili's book filled with 265 beautifully designed and inspirational pages that she signed a copy just for me (exhaling sweetly). Louise Fili, you are my role model!

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