Mr. and Mrs. Total Cereal

Posted on March 26 2012

This morning I noticed General Mill's Total cereals wearing two different logos. Is Total in an logo transitional period? Is one special for the Omega-3 version? If so, are two identities necessary? Do I sound like I'm taking about a relationship? I can't help but notice that these two boxes almost feel like the male and female of Total cereal. Anyone else see it? I don't think they teach you this in school but now that I think back on my Mr. Eaves post there are masculine and feminine fonts sans vs serif. An important lesson I now can share with you that crosses almost all design disciplines: If your design is feeling to cute or pretty, add some masculine elements such as dark color tones (or a sans serif font) to not only get a more unisex appeal but more importantly achieve a complete and finished look because of the balance of sexes.

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