Ready for Maple Syrup

Posted on September 17 2012

Ever since I meet a few fellas in Madrid who's family ran a maple syrup farm in Canada, I've always had my eye for a good packaging design for this product. One of the Canadians asked me once how to separate themselves from their competitors. We've all bought maple syrup in those little jugs, plastic or glass, and maybe in leaf shaped ones too so the first thing I said was, "try a different shaped bottle". I remember he looked at me like I was crazy. Image Image I quickly followed up with "a unique label or memorable logo design" (having no idea what their identity or packaging looked like. This was vague if at all had any meaning to a non-designer and basically ended the conversation. He seemed scared to take my advise and to try something new for his company. Which is sad, because it's working for the brands here and there are still a ton of ways to execute thos beloved autumn treat. Image Image Moral of the story is, "we have nothing to fear but fear itself". I understand making a change is risky and expansive but remember, taking risks are apart of life and running a business. No one ever made it big without taking a few risks. Just stay positive, hire a talented graphic designer and hopefully you'll reap in the benefits. We designers can make magic happen! (P.S. And gentlemen, if you're reading, I'm still very interested.)

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