Rethinking Food Products & Packaging for the Healthy Generation

Posted on May 20 2013

Image I loved this article in Fast Company Magazine, How Three Companies are Repackaging Their Food to a Fresher Crowd, because it's not just about packaging aesthetics. The market has evolved, people are not buying frozen and canned foods like they use to, but what hasn't changed is the convenience factor. Customers still want the quick and easy approach to meals. Companies seem to be caught in the middle because creating nonperishable foods isn't an easy task. Fast Co. describes how companies are now trying to not only find ways to make their products not only look refreshingly healthy but also are fresh products for the new health driven generation. Image The frozen food aisle is loosing billions by healthy eaters skipping the section in the grocery store all together. Introducing Lean Cuisine's Salad Additions. Instead of the usual frozen dinner mush rumored to have hidden calories, mix in some microwavable toppings with your fresh cut lettuce. Toppings like chicken, carrots and onions to make for a more appetizing salad that still feels fresh and healthy. Image Next stop pickles! Vlasic is reinventing their approach the health market when discovering they were loosing customers to farmers markets. Usually jarred pickles contain yellow dyes and preservatives that scare away healthy shoppers so Vlasic decided to switch up a few things and introduce a new line called Farmer's Garden. By adding colored vegetables such as garlic, red peppers, and carrots to misshaped pickles it gave a feel of a homemade recipe. Simplifying labels with old-world, trendy Mason jars and handwritten type completed the farm friendly look. Image Lastly, frozen fruit. As many of you know frozen fruits is mushy and usually best for smoothies because freezing expands liquid and breaks fruits' cell membranes. So what Dole discovered is by removing the moisture before freezing the fruit retained it's natural texture. Hard to believe? You bet, packaging these fruits in clear, single serve cups makes this easy to see for customers looking for natural foods.  [Illustrations by Georgina Luck]

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