Super Bowl Logos

Posted on February 01 2013

>20130201-181119.jpg There is an amazing array of varying Super Bowl logo designs from the past several decades. Each year the NFL use to come out with a new look and every time we would be almost as excited as discovering the final participating teams - until now or really 2010.

Maybe there's too much pressure from the people to get it right because nobody wants another 'GAP logo disgrace'. Or maybe it's a budget cut ... mmm, nah, this is the $$$$uper Bowl. I guess there could be a responsible designer behind it all encouraging consistency in branding, which is probably a good call. Although, in the end I miss it. I miss the curiosity and the excitement. Honestly, I dislike the one they're using now even if it is symbolically conceptual. I feel its boring. Don't you? Just check out these old guys, don't they bring back memories?



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