Taste the Rainbow, my food pyramid project receives praise

Posted on March 10 2012

I'm sure we all do it once and awhile and never want to admit it but I googled myself today. As a business women, I need to stay up with what comes up when my name is searched so that I do not miss out on potential client opportunities. This morning I found an awesome fellow blogger, Annika Ihnat, writing about my GOOD design contest project (see Redesigning the Food Pyramid Post) praising about how "Jessica Haas’ food rainbow [is] so much better [than the USDA’s MyPyramid]". She promotes the design because it’s simple, intuitive, easy to apply in our everyday lives, emphasizes a diverse diet, and the vibrant colors enhance the pleasure of our eating experience. Huh, I couldn't agree more! Thank you so much Annika! Read "Taste the Rainbow" post on Eating with Meaning, Ideas and Recipes for Food That Makes a Positive Impact.

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