Where To Logo?

Posted on May 17 2012

Island Logos New York City subways are pretty much always covered in advertisements for vacation spots. Specifically at summer time we get to see an allotment of island ads and I have to say they win me over almost ever time - yes Advertiser, I want to go to your island. As a graphic designer, I can't help but put judgement on the branding. I mean, I've never been to any of these places so when I see the pictures they all pretty much look the same. Crystal blue water with clean sandy beaches featuring sun-kiss models wearing white or bright colored flowers. But let's put it this way, without any pictures can a vacation destination logo make you want to travel there? Logos are supposed to tell a stories; a story that describes the product without words. Shouldn't one of these logos whisper that you should at least visit their website? Yes, for me, one in particular does. I want go to Bermuda. Every time I see that tiny pair of shorts I get dressed into them and I'm standing on a beach, sand between my toes being warmed by the hot sun. I think the rest of the logos don't paint any pictures except maybe the Bahama one. This one makes me think of islands in a general sense but only remind me of those pictures I've seen on the train - and maybe that's because I know the logo reflects the map of the islands. The Bahama logo doesn't mess with my head like those beach shorts do and that makes for a much stronger connection in the pursuit of purchasing a ticket. Now that's how you know you've got a good logo!

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