Cooking Temperatures and Kitchen Conversions Guide


You'll never need to look up a meat temperature again; and forget working out measurement conversions because this is your solution. This informative, smart, and beautifully designed chart can make a great addition to your kitchen wall and save you time. Unlike most cooking or baking charts, this is a two-in-one, featuring both cooking temperatures and measuring conversations.

• This minimalistic chart uses simple illustrations, color-coordinated information, and only Fahrenheit to allow for a quick read when multi-tasking in the kitchen. 

• The cooking temperatures feature USDA Food Safety minimum internal temps as well as offer chef recommended temperatures to allow you to cook your meat to your liking. 

• The upper half of the art is a chart that reveals temperatures for rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well and well-done for beef and lamb. Medium to well-done for ham, pork, fish and shellfish. Lastly, done temps for ground meats, egg dishes, and poultry.

• The measurement conversions are found in the lower half, featuring the most common conversions like ounces to cups to tablespoon to teaspoon, and milliliters.

- 11"x14" art print
- Printed on beautiful heavy matte, 100% Post-Consumer recycled paper
- Will be shipped in a Stayflat Mailer in a clear protective sleeve and thick corrugated cardboard to prevent damage.
(Frame NOT included)

Makes for a great gift to your friend who loves to cook and bake!

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