NEW - Vitamin Food Guide


When I was researching vitamin guides, I couldn't find a chart that was right for me or really, a chart that would work for everyone. What I mean by that is, most charts select one or two food items for each vitamin, for example, for Vitamin B5 eat eggs. What if you have an egg allergy? What if you were a vegan? What if you simply dislike the taste of eggs?

Introducing the JHD Vitamin Food Guide; flexible to dietary needs, allergies, and most importantly individual tastes. Just like the JHD Local Seasonal Food Guides, each vitamin is divided into herbs, grains, fruit, protein, and vegetables. This makes not only the information easy understand but easy for anyone to intake vitamins without changing their eating habits.

- Choose from two (2) color palettes: Rainbow or Blue/Gray
- Size: 11"x14" 
- Printed on heavy matte, 100% Post-Consumer recycled paper
- All produce is vector drawn from scratch
(Frame not included)

Will be shipped in a Stayflat Mailer in a clear protective sleeve to prevent damage.

© 2018 Jessica Haas Designs

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